Rick & Morty - Season 1-4 [Blu-ray]

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Welcome to the world of Rick and Morty, a genius inventor grandfather and his less than genius grandson. Missing for nearly 20 years, Rick arrives at his daughter’s doorstep looking to move in, but her husband isn’t too thrilled. Rick converts the garage into his lab and involves Morty in his insane adventures.
Actors: Justin Roiland, Sarah Chalke, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer
Format: Blu-ray
Region Code: Region Free
Languages: English
Run Time: 682 minutes
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 6th October, 2021
  • Season 1
    • Behind the Scenes
    • Animatics and Commentary for all episodes
    • Deleted Scene Animatics
  • Season 2
    • Animatics and Commentary for all episodes
    • Deleted Animatic Sketches
    • Rick and Morty Season 2 Premiere Party
  • Season 3
    • Animatics and Commentary for all episodes
    • Inside the Episodes
    • Inside the Recording Booth
    • Rick and Morty Origins Part 1 and 2
  • Season 4
    • A Day at Rick and Morty: Inside Season 4
    • Creating Snake Jazz
    • Directing Rick and Morty
    • Inside the Episodes
    • Samurai & Shogun
    • Prop Process