Dance 4 Film Collection (VHS Collection) [Blu-ray]

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John Travolta solidified his position as the most versatile and magnetic screen presence of the decade in this film version of the smash hit play Grease. Recording star Olivia Newton-John made her American film debut as Sandy, Travolta's naive love interest. Joined by an all-star cast, Grease is not just a nostalgic look at a simpler decade - it's an energetic and exciting musical homage to the age of rock 'n' roll.

Saturday Night Fever
Tony Manero (John Travolta) doesn't have much going for him during the weekdays. He still lives at home and works as a paint store clerk in his Brooklyn, N.Y. neighbourhood. But he lives for the weekends, when he and his friends go to the local disco and dance the night away. When a big dance competition is announced, he wrangles the beautiful and talented Stephanie (Karen Lynn Gorney) to be his partner. As the two train for the big night, they start to fall for each other as well.

Footloose jumps with spirit, dazzling dance numbers and an electrifying musical score. It portrays the timeless struggle between innocent pleasure and rigid morality, when city-boy Ren McCormick (Kevin Bacon) finds himself in an uptight Midwestern town where dancing has been banned. Ren revolts with best friend Willard (Chris Penn) and the minister's daughter (Lori Singer).

Alex Owens (Jennifer Beals) is a beautiful young woman who works a day job in a steel mill and dances in a bar at night. When Alex discovers that her handsome boss, Nick Hurley (Michael Nouri), is both interested in her and supportive of her performing career, she renews her efforts to get accepted into a prestigious dance conservatory. Although Alex is frightened of failure, she is cheered on by Nick, as well as by her mentor, former ballet performer Hanna Long (Lilia Skala).
Actors: John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, Jennifer Beals
Format: Blu-ray
Region Code: Region Free
Languages: English
Subtitles: English for the Hearing Impaired
Run Time: 430 minutes
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 12th August, 2020
  • Grease
    • Commentary by Director Randal Kleiser and Choreographer Patricia Birch
    • Introduction by Randal Kleiser
    • Rydell Sing-Along
    • The Time, The Place, The Motion: Remembering Grease
    • Grease: A Chicago Story
    • Deleted / Extended / Alternate Scenes with Introduction by Randal Kleiser
    • Grease Reunion 2002 - DVD Launch
    • Grease Memories from John and Olivia
    • The Moves Behind the Music
    • Thunder Roadsters
    • John Travolta and Allan Carr "Grease Day" Interview
    • Olivia Newton-John and Rovert Stigwood "Grease Day" Interview
    • Photo Galleries
  • Saturday Night Fever
    • Commentary by Director John Badham
    • 70's Discopedia
    • Catching the Fever
    • Back to Bay Ridge
    • Dance like Travolta with John Cassese
    • Fever Challange!
    • Deleted Scene - Tony & Stephanie in the Car
  • Footloose
    • Let's Dance! Kevin Bacon on Footloose
    • From Bomont to the Big Apple: An Interview with Sarah Jessica Parker
    • Remembering Willard
    • Kevin Bacon's Screen Test
    • Kevin Bacon Costume Montage
    • Plus Archival Commentary and Features
  • Flashdance
    • Filmmaker Focus: Director Adrian Lyne discusses Flashdance
    • The Look of Flashdance
    • Releasing the Flashdance Phenomenom
    • Theatrical Trailer